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A San Francisco native, Deirdre White grew up on both sides of the continent, in both Pennsylvania and California.  Born to liberal bohemian Utahns, she spent her childhood being led on forced nature marches in sub freezing temperatures, or driving through the desert in a smoke filled  Datsun 710 with the windows rolled up, or lost in the library stacks waiting for her Dad to remember he brought her with him. One time she stole some lipstick from the Woolworths but didn't get caught. She spent most of the early 70s playing in the backyards of Berkeley, California, making homes for her faeries out of hollyhocks and moss, or roaming the streets along side Hari Krishnas, Viet Nam veterans, and Black Panthers. Her mother did a lot of  extreme crafting and joined a womens' group.


Her family later lived in a bunch of different houses, each one progressively more depressing. She always had a cat, usually a dog,  several parakeets, and once a duck, a rabbit, and a turtle. She never got a pony. When she was 13 she tried to sell her soul to the devil because she was bored. 


At art school she eventually straightened out and made some decent abstract paintings. Now she paints what she wants.


Deirdre lives, teaches, and paints in San Francisco with her husband, the musician Tom Heyman. They have no pets.





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